Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Wasted Life

Today I will be sharing a poem I wrote about a surreal day I had once.  I recorded it and Turkish Acidplanet artist, mumu mixed it into her music. This poem is included in "Shadows on the Carpet III" - 'Condemned' section.

A Wasted Life audio

A Wasted Life

photo by AVR
Dusty letters caressed as ribbons cascade
A few photos with frayed edges
These he cherishes more
Than his wife or mistresses

Books from the shelves strewn about in a rage
Locket of hair nowhere to be found
Groveling on the floor
The imposter is dethroned

The adult male petulant, whiny - eyes crazed
In front of his mistress he kisses
The woman he’s longed for
Over whom he obsesses

He exits in an alcohol induced haze
No respite from this reign of pain
Tears cause him to roar
The years are lost in the rain

© 2006 – Alice Vedral Rivera

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