Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fire Art

After yesterday's misadventure, I decided to share something upbeat.  This poem, "Fire Art", was inspired by the awesome work of Dale Chihuly.  I was first introduced to Chihuly in 2002 when he exhibited his art at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.  After seeing it with my husband, I was so taken by the beauty of his pieces that I then took family members who were visiting from the Czech Republic to see it.  That was not enough and I persuaded someone I worked with to come so I could experience the joy a third time. In 2011, while visiting my son & his family in Seattle, I persuaded them to take me to the museum so I could revel in his magical world of glass once again.

photo taken from the Chihuly web page

Fire Art

Glowing colors in
Free flowing glass
Emanate strength

Large images
Strange unique grace

Insightful designs
Delightful art
My heart – my soul
Engage in awe

© Alice Vedral Rivera – 8/26/12
Inspired by the glass art of Dale Chihuly

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