Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Shadows on the Carpet" Section 1 - Shadows

1st section - Shadows
Shadows on the Carpet
Transient shades of gloom
Opaque clouds of black ink
From my past despair seep
Into my future to
Color the shape of my
Present as various
Carbon tints of drab pain
From my life flash on and
Off to form ominous 
Shadows on the carpet
Windows to the darkness
© Alice Vedral Rivera 4/30/12

The 1st section of "Shadows on the Carpet" is titled 'Shadows' and the above poem is the 1st poem in the book.  There will be 9 sections in all and over 100 poems.  I will be posting excerpts for you to comment on as I finalize the manuscript.


  1. This is no mere 'rambling'. Very visual and revealing. Sort of a scaled down, smoother Plath:

    'Shadows on the carpet, windows to the darkness'.

    I can't imagine anyone not being haunted by that image. Nicely done.