Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back Story Re: Abstract Poems - Intro to Ivan Pavlíček

Ivan Pavlíček and his paintings

When I was in Prague in September, I met Ivan Pavlíček, an artist who paints abstracts on metal and sells them on Charles Bridge.  I was immediately taken with his work and I bought 5 of his small paintings (the ones with the white borders stacked upright in the tray by his leg).  The poems to match the little paintings came easily to me - the first one started forming as soon as I saw the little painting.  I wrote 3 poems in Prague, 1on the plane home and 1 in January of this year. It felt as if the paintings were dictating them. 
I was asked to write the poems in Czech as well and that has taken me a few months to do and I am still working on the last one. 

I posted the 1st poem 2 weeks ago.  Tomorrow I will post the 2nd in the series of 5 (English and Czech).  I hope you will enjoy all of them. 

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