Friday, August 30, 2013

A Cry in the Wilderness - Exoteric Descent into Iniquity

Today I am sharing some social/political commentary - this poem is in the 'Visions' section of "Shadows on the Carpet".  A Cry in the Wilderness - pointing out what is going on.  Wake Up!  It is still not too late to turn things around.  Just saying....

For audio version with Chuck Berglund's soundscape click here

Exoteric Descent into Iniquity

Good manners and common sense
Are trashed as ineffective
photo art by AVR © 2013
Measures of controlled control

Replaced by political
Correctness masquerading
As concern or compassion

Inappropriate response
Touted as the ultimate
Non-empathic tool du jour

Un-emotive expression
Obtuse communication
Belie clandestine contempt

Synthetic salaciousness
Valid malapropisms
Conditioned complacency

Preclude imperceptible
Declining - descent into
Death of human decency

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2006

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