Sunday, September 1, 2013

Puppy Love - The Camp Series

Puppy Love is one of 2 new poems I wrote today to add to my camp series of poems and I have 3 more in the works. I had previously written 15 poems (6 in 2006 and 9 in 2010) that are part of The Camp Series. I have written these poems in the third person - the adult me looking back at me, the child.

The Camp Series was written about my experiences at Camp Hostýn in 1961 & 1962.  Camp Hostýn was about 50 miles outside of Montreal – the closest town was St. Calixte du Nord.  It was founded in 1954 by Father Bohuslav Janicek, a Czech Jesuit, for children of Czech and Slovak descent.  I almost didn’t get to go to camp in 1961 as I tried to swing on a clothesline and cracked my collarbone a few weeks before we (my younger brother and I) took Greyhound buses from Chicago to Montreal. 

The very first ‘publication’ of my poetry was in the official camp ‘pamphlet’ in 1962 (I was 11 and the poems were in Czech).  Both of the poems was republished in the 1979 25th anniversary issue. 

Puppy Love

One of the
Older girls
photo art by AVR
Would take her

When she went
To meet with
Her boyfriend

And he would
Take Peter
And so these

Ten year olds
The two teens

On their walks
On the path
Through the woods

Laughing and
Talking and
Holding hands

Peter let
Her wear his
Cap for that

Whole summer
And made her
Believe that

He liked her
Her first crush
First love at

Camp Hostyn
Summer of

© Alice Vedral Rivera – 9/1/2013 6:15pm

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