Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling…… (2)

This is the 2nd in my Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling series of uplifting stories.  It was written last year.

Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling……

photo by AVR
The other day I was on the ‘L’ on my way home from work.  It was pretty full and I was standing holding on to a strap.  A young man standing next to me remarked that it was a beautiful day.  It was. As the L swayed back and forth in a turn, I had a bit of exercise just trying not to fall.  At this point, a young lady pointed to my foot and told me that my shoelace was untied. I thanked her for letting me know but I was in no position to tie it.  She offered to tie it for me if I lifted my foot.  Balancing on one leg as she tied my shoe, I joked that I was getting a workout on my ride home.  When she finished tying my shoe, she gave me her seat.  The young woman I sat next to, who had carry on luggage in front of her, apologized that she was unable to offer her seat to me because of her luggage. 

I was struck by the politeness and compassion of these young people.  We are used to hearing only about the negative things that some of them do and the many positive stories go untold.  I have decided to share the positive when I encounter it.  Sometimes I get a good feeling…..

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  1. My fellow poet,Helen, left this comment on fb about this post: "Lovely slice of the positive crafted beautifully Alice".

    Thank you Helen.