Monday, June 30, 2014

Shadows on the Carpet II Available on Amazon!!!

"Shadows on the Carpet II" is now available for purchase on Amazon!!!  I am so excited. Join the journey and navigate through the darkness - these poems are mostly relationship commentary poems with some social/political undertones.

Available on Amazon

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snapshot in Time

I have received the proof of "Shadows on the Carpet II" and need to make just 1 small adjustment.  While I do that, I will share 'Snapshot in Time' from the Torment section of the book along with the photograph that inspired it.  The photo was taken by my photographer friend, Michaela Varekova.

Snapshot in Time

photo by Michaela Varekova
Nature’s cruel
Of her life

Excerpt from
Her journal

Above pale
Gold lit high
Strung wires

A gray and
Angry sky
Spilling blood

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shadows on the Carpet III

Now that Shadows II is done and should be available on Amazon as soon as I receive and ok the proof, I am working on the 3rd and last book of the trilogy - hitting rock bottom and the climb up. Tell me what you think of the cover.

book cover by AVR

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Illusions in Shades of Lust

SCII cover approved!!!  The 3rd time was not the charm, but I finally figured out what was wrong with the cover and resubmitted it yesterday.  I ordered the proof today and should have it on Friday.  In the meantime, I will share a poem from the 'Torment' section of :Shadows on the Carpet II".

Illusions in Shades of Lust
photo art by AVR

Flights of fanciful
Delusional dreams
Of two souls in the
Throes of love - prone on
Opaque blue and gray
Stained tangled sheets of
Invisible lives
Splashing ruby red
Passion onto a
Canvass of ecru
Tinged with broken hearts

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2009

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blood Red Roses

I'm having problems getting the cover for SC II approved. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm.  Sharing a poem from the 'Contaminated' section - enjoy.


Blood red
The roses she’d
photo AVR
Always received
Blood red

Blood red
The sole chroma
Of her world
Blood red

Blood red
Spurted out from
His thorn-like barbs
Blood red

Blood red
Her anguished life
Blood red

Blood red
Her favorite
Shade of roses
Blood red

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2006

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just Another Day

While I am waiting for approval for the 'Shadows on the Carpet II' book cover & manuscript, I will share one of the poems from the Fallen section including a link to the audio version.


Drawing by AVR
Deeply distraught
Her soul in distress
She shares herself with
Him in as many
Ways as possible
Within time constraints
Of parameters
Chosen by them both

She realizes
The futility
Because it is not
Enough and she knows
It cannot be any
Other way - forced
By circumstances
Beyond her control

As he - oblivious
Unknowingly sticks
Daggers into her
Heart and twists them

© Alice Vedral Rivera  - 2006

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shadows on the Carpet II - Fallen, Contaminated, Torment

I have finally been hard at work on Shadows on the Carpet II.  The manuscript is put together, formatted and just needs some tweaking.  I had to totally redo Shadows on the Carpet I to fix the missing or incorrect page number issue and that took me some time to do.  However, in doing so, I was able to resolve some of the formatting issues I struggled with and SCII was a lot easier to format.  Sharing the final cover for SCII.

Photo Art by AVR