Thursday, May 30, 2013

English/Czech - Red in Gray and Black/Rudá v šedém a černém

As promised to my Czech family and friends, today's post is in English and Czech.  Poems inspired by the abstract art of Ivan Pavlíček.

Pro všechny moje české přátelé - byla bych moc ráda kdyby jste nechali komentář.

Red in Gray and Black

Original Artwork © Ivan Pavlíček
My flaming passion
Smeared by absence
Blurred in gray and black
Longing – aching
To once again burn
Brightly in the
Presence of your red
Hot desire

© Alice Vedral Rivera – 9/18/12 cz 5:45pm

Rudá v šedém a černém

Má vášeň plamenná
nepřítomností rozmazaná
Rozostřená v šedém a černém stesku
Bolestně touží hořet zase jasně
v přítomnosti tvé žhavě rudé touhy

© Alice Vedral Rivera 2012

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shadows on the Carpet - Section 2 - Visions

Section 2 of "Shadows on the Carpet" is titled 'Visions'.  With approximately 18 poems, this section will contain mostly social/political commentary poems.  The first poem in the section is 'Visions'.

Photo art by AVR to match poem

From dreams she
Drenched in sweat

Truth, love and
Passion not

At daybreak
The hue is

At midnight
The music
Trash metal
© Alice Vedral Rivera 2009

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day - Solace in Sorrow

I had started to write this poem but wasn't able to finish it until a frat sister (who I did not know personally) was murdered.  I finished the poem and sent it to her family with my condolences.  I then recorded it on AcidPlanet (with some small changes) and JTL (John Carter) added his music and mixed it for Memorial Day. Click on the link to listen to it.

Solace in Sorrow

Memorial Day – With Sorrow

Embrace the pain of loss
It is worthy of our grief

Find solace in words of comfort
And never let go of hope

Allow tears of healing to wash over us
Expressions of sympathy to carry us

Let us hold tightly to our faith
Let it sustain us

Cradle the cherished memories
They are ours to celebrate

Full and vibrant lives
Whose spirits now reside

In the presence of their creator
Having fulfilled their calling

And whose love will continue
To live in our hearts until

We, too, fulfill our destinies
And reunite with them in joy

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2007

Friday, May 24, 2013

The T. Collection - Crossroads

Sharing another poem from the T. Collection - A Retrospective - this poem starts the series even though it was not written first.  I wrote the poems as they came to me and then rearranged them to flow better.

There we were
two young ‘children
making adult
decisions that
affected us

You went off to war
I gave love for a lie
at crossroads
that would bring
us together
in the future

Two wounded
adults seeking
in each other
as new crossroads
tore us apart

Just paying
the price of
living life

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2006