Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reflections - November 1971

From The T. Collection:

REFLECTIONS – November 1971

photo art by AVR
An old ticket stub
Barnum and Bailey
Clowns, high wire acts
Acrobats, bears, lions
And elephants
Everyone should see
The circus at least
Once in their lifetime
So you took me

A matchbook untouched
The Sybaris Lounge
Drinks at the Hancock
Chicago at sunset
Your loving eyes
View from the bathroom
Gorgeous and plush
Then you took me down
To The Ninety-Fifth
Exquisite dinner
For dessert - crepe suzette
Great coffee and
View of the lake looking
photo art by AVR
Out at the stars
Nervous - you had a
Special surprise

You pulled out the box
A solid gold charm
Engraved with an ‘A’
For my twenty-first
Birthday – tangible
Symbol – proof of your
Unfaltering love
‘Signature shorthand’
When turned around

        AMA TB L
        ERSB  GND
          HW     H

© Alice Vedral Rivera

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Priority - The T. Collection

I have decided to make the 'T. Collection - A Retrospective' project a priority above the 'Shadows on the Carpet' at this time.  I have been sitting on the 15 poems in this series for a long time looking for someone to illustrate it for next to zero money as I have been on a shoestring budget and my efforts to raise money via Fund Anything for 'Shadows' fell flat. 

I am tapping into my own creativity and creating 'photo art' to go with the poems because I have specific images in mind to go with most of the poems.  My writers' group authors are using Create Space (Amazon)  to self publish their novels and have encouraged me to use that resource as well.  I don't know how well it will work for poetry, but they do mention poetry in their publishing info and images as well.

Soooo..........  let me share 'Marigolds' with you now.  There is an audio version of it as well for those that are interested - link provided - click here


photo art by AVR
When I see marigolds
I remember the time
We strolled down the alley
Hand in hand
Stopping to kiss

You stooped down
Picked some marigolds
Gave them to me
A sign of your love

And then I get
A flashback
Of the pain
On your face
As I walked
Out of your life

Not knowing then
It would be forever

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gray November Day

By now you know that Autumn is my favorite season.  November is my favorite month except when it is cold and rainy.  Hope you enjoy this poem.

photo by AVR



Leftover raindrops
Showering leaves
Shaken from trees
In a slight breeze
On a moody afternoon


© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2007