Thursday, October 31, 2013

English/Czech - Autumn and the Moon/Podzim a měsíc

An autumn poem fitting for Halloween along with a link to the audio version with music and mix by Mana Junkie - enjoy......

Autumn and the Moon Audio

Autumn and the Moon

The wind screamed
In circles
Autumn and the Moon Photo Art © AVR - 2013

The sky wept

Trees shed sheathes
Of leaves that

Flew and joined
The debris

Of life in

A dance of
The macabre

As the moon

Choked on the
Dust and died

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2007

Podzim a měsíc

Vítr kvílí
v čarovném kruhu

Nebesa pláčou

Stromy se svlékají
do naha

Aby srostly
s troskami života

V tanci smrti

A měsíc
v tom prachu


© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ethereal Woman - Seattle Soul

This poem was inspired by a photo I took from a moving car when I was visiting my son and family in Seattle in the fall of 2010.  Can you see her face in the photo?  

Ethereal Woman

photo by AVR 2010
Hidden in plain
Sight between two
Pine trees

She sighs as cars
In ignorance
Drive by

Until someone
Taking pictures

Her image on
Camera and
Frees her

© Alice Vedral Rivera – 2010

Thursday, October 24, 2013

English/Czech - Fall Softly/Listopad

Just finished translating this poem the other day - couldn't do an exact translation but it's close enough.

Fall Softly

photo by AVR
As the heavens wept
Autumn leaves tattooed
Delicate pale
Impressions of fall
Softly on my soul

© Alice Vedral Rivera 11/2/12 10:15 am


Když nebesa smáčela
moji duši
podzimní listí něžně
tetovalo pobledlé
podzimní dojmy
© Alice Vedral Rivera 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Boys' Camp - The Camp Series

The first poem in my 'Camp Series' of poems about my time at Camp Hostýn in Canada in 1961 & 1962.  I wrote 6 poems in 2006, another 9 in 2010 and 6 in September of this year.  I think I will write 4 more to bring the total to 25.  I have written them in third person, the adult me looking back at me the child.  My very 1st poems (in Czech) were actually 'published' in the camp pamphlets and were included in the 1979  Camp Hostýn booklet.

Through the woods
The air – scented
A subtle hint of pine
Tents on platforms
Circling where trees
Had faced slaughter
Smoldering ashes
Remnants of the
Sacrificial fire
At the center point

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2006

Camp Hostýn in 1979