Thursday, October 31, 2013

English/Czech - Autumn and the Moon/Podzim a měsíc

An autumn poem fitting for Halloween along with a link to the audio version with music and mix by Mana Junkie - enjoy......

Autumn and the Moon Audio

Autumn and the Moon

The wind screamed
In circles
Autumn and the Moon Photo Art © AVR - 2013

The sky wept

Trees shed sheathes
Of leaves that

Flew and joined
The debris

Of life in

A dance of
The macabre

As the moon

Choked on the
Dust and died

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2007

Podzim a měsíc

Vítr kvílí
v čarovném kruhu

Nebesa pláčou

Stromy se svlékají
do naha

Aby srostly
s troskami života

V tanci smrti

A měsíc
v tom prachu


© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2013

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