Saturday, July 6, 2013

Czech/English - Nicota/Void

This is one of the very few poems I actually wrote in Czech first, and so I will put the Czech version 1st and the English 2nd. The English version is also one of the poems in "Shadows on the Carpet" section 3 - 'Lunacy'.


photo by AVR
Stojím v stínu měsíce,

bez duše,  bez srdce.

Není iluze,

není sen,

není naděje.

Jen před očima temno

a pod nohama střepy

© Alice Vedral Rivera 1989


Standing in the shadow of the moon,

Without a heart,  without a soul,

There is no illusion,

There is no dream,

There is no hope,

Darkness before my eyes,

Shattered pieces beneath my feet.

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 1989

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