Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today I'm sharing a poem I wrote in 2005 with you.  It was inspired by a combination of past images and feelings brought on by something said to me that pushed a button that was only slightly related to what they were referring to.

I am including a link to an audio of me reciting this poem with Acidplanet artist Phreniq's music and mix.  You will need to listen to the audio to understand why I chose the accompanying photo.  On Acidplanet there is an audio of fellow poet, Max Reif, reading this poem.  His interpretation is interesting and motivated me to start recording my poems. 

In the past, some people felt compelled to pull out their dictionaries - including family members and some of my fellow poets.

photo by AVR
[Quarantine] AVR & Phreniq


As she stood on the shore
Feeling the wind whip the waves
An angry frenzy forming white caps
On the lake - mimicking

Making a mockery
Of the turmoil in her soul
The perception of being
Quarantined - intensified

Confined to an inclement
Compartment, no bigger than
Necessary to contain
Her essence - her autocracy

Secluded - desperate
In her struggle to break through
Debilitating isolation
She cried out for compassion

For freedom from exclusion
Forced on her by foreign
Exigencies, by external
Limitations - constraints

Of increasingly diminishing
Pockets of time and seeming
Disinterest in her well being
By her captor – he who had
Purported to love her

© Alice Vedral Rivera - 2005

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